CRC LOMBARDO offers its expertise in marketing individiduelle protective equipment.

1992 : Creating CRC LOMBARDO Gerard Lombardo The agency is general,its clientele consists of industrial hardware and distributors in the area of ​​the South Building of France.

2006 : CRC LOMBARDO specializes in the field of personal protective equipment and expanding its geographic area in the whole country French.

2014 : CRC LOMBARDO performs for its clients a turnover of more than 3 millions of euros.

2/3 of turnover is achieved in protecting the body.

1/3 in respiratory protection

2016 : CRC LOMBARDO adds to its commercial know-how technical expertise with the arrival of a specialist engineer PPE.

2019 : CRC LOM2BARDO still specializes in collaborating with RSG advantage SAFETY important player on the European market and LANZI SAFETY.